Letter to Edward Partridge, 5 December 1833

contend for it to the last, you will recollect  that the Lord has said that Zion should not  be moved out of her place therefore the land  should not be sold but held by the brethren  until the Lord of in his wisdom opens a way  for your return and until that time if  you can purchase a tract of Land in Clay  for present imergenes it is right you  should do so if you can do it and not  sell your Land in Jackson county it is not  safe for us to send you a writen revelation  on the subject but what is writen above is  according to wisdom, I haste to a close to  give room for Bro Oliver [Cowdery] and remain  yours in the bonds of the new and everlas ting covenant
Joseph Smith J
In early November 1833, JS received reports of continuing vigilante violence toward church members in Missouri, including raids on Mormon settlements. However, some of those reports contained conflicting information. JS wrote this letter to Bishop Edward Partridge, the presiding officer in Missouri, seeking clarification on the situation. While encouraging Partridge to remain firm despite the hostility and recommending application to the government for redress, he lamented that Ohio members could not assist the Missouri Saints due to their own limited circumstances.
JS wrote this letter from Kirtland, Ohio, to Partridge at Liberty, Missouri. Frederick G. Williams transcribed a copy into JS Letterbook 1.