Letter to Emma Smith, 19 August 1836

Salem, Mss., August 19th, 1836.
to start for home Bro. Hyram [Hyrum Smith] is about  to start for home before the rest of us, which  seems wisdom in God, as our business here cannot  be determined as soon as we could wish to <have it>,  I thought a line from me by him would not  be acceptible to you, even if it did not contain  but little, that you may know that you and  the children are much on my mind, with  regard to the great object of our mishion you  will be anxtiou [anxious] to know, we have found the  house since Brother Burjece [Burgess] left us, very luck ily and providentially, as we had one spell been  most discouraged, but the house is ocupied and  it will require much care and patience to  rent or b[u]y it, we think we shall be able  to effect it if not now within the course  of a few months, we think we shall be at  home about the midle of Septtember, I can  think of many things concerning our busi ness but can only pray that you may have  wisdom to manage the concerns that invol ve on you and want you should so  believe me that I am your sincere  friend and husband in haste yours &c—
Joseph Smith Jr
JS, letter, Salem, MA, to Emma Smith, Kirtland, OH, 19 Aug. 1836; handwriting of JS; one page; State Historical Society of Iowa. Includes endorsements.