Letter to Emma Smith, 21 March 1839

I want you <to> have the Epistole coppy ed immedeately and let it go to the  Bretheren firs[t] into the hands of Father  for I want the production for my  record if you lack for mony or fo[r]  bread do let me know it as soon as  possible my nerve trembles from long  confinement but if you feel as I do  you dont care for the imperfections  of my writings for my part a word of  consolation from any sourse is  cordially recieved by us me I feel like  Joseph in Egyept doth my friends  yet live if they live do they remem ber me have they regard for me if so  let me know it in time of trouble  my Dear Emma do you think that my  being cast into prison by the mob of  renders me less worthy of your friends ship no I do not think so but  when I was in prisen and ye viseted  me inasmuch as you have don it to  the least <of> these you have don it to  me these shall enter into life  Eternal but no more
your Husband J Smith Jr [p. [3]]
JS, letter, Liberty, MO, to Emma Smith, Quincy, IL, 21 Mar. 1839; handwriting of JS; three pages; JS Collection, CHL.