Letter to Emma Smith, 21 March 1839

I want the you to take the best care  of the family you can which I believe  you will do all you can I was sorry to learn  that Frederick [Smith] was sick but I trust he is  well again and that you are all well I  want you to try to gain time and write to  me a long letter and tell me all you can  and even if old major is alive yet and what  those little pratlers say that cling around  you[r] neck do you tell them I am in prison  that that their lives might be saved  I want all the church to make out  a bill of damages and apply to the uni ted states Court as soon as possible  howeveve they will find out what can  be done themselves you expressed my  feelings concerning the order and I blieve  that there is a way to git redress for  such things but God ruleth all things  after the council of his own will my  trust is in him the salvation of my  soul is of the most importants  to me for as much as I know  for a certanity of Eternal things  if the heveans linger it is nothing  to <me> I must stear my bark safe  which I intend to do I want you  to do the same yours forever Joseph Smith Jr
JS, letter, Liberty, MO, to Emma Smith, Quincy, IL, 21 Mar. 1839; handwriting of JS; three pages; JS Collection, CHL.