Letter to Emma Smith, 21 March 1839

Liberty Jail Clay Co Mo 1839 March 21st
Affectionate Wife
I have sent an Epistle  to the church directed to you because  I wanted you to have the first reading  of it and then I want Father and  Mother to have a coppy of it keep  the original yourself as I dectated  the matter myself and shall send  an other as soon as posible I want  to be with you very much but the  powers of mobocra[c]y is to many  for me at preasant I would  ask if Judge cleaveland [John Cleveland] will be  kind enough to let you and the  children tarry there untill can learn  somethng futher concerning my lot  fate I will reward him well if  he will and see that you do not so  suffer for any thing I shall have  a little mony left when I come  my Dear Emma I very well know  your toils and simpathise with you  if God will spare my life once more  to have the privelege of takeing care  of you I will ease your care and  indeavour to cumfort your heart [p. [1]]
JS, letter, Liberty, MO, to Emma Smith, Quincy, IL, 21 Mar. 1839; handwriting of JS; three pages; JS Collection, CHL.