Letter to Emma Smith, 4 April 1839

then this is, we shall not stay here but one night besid es this <if that> thank God, <if that> we shall never cast a lingering  wish after liberty in clay county mo. Mo. we have  enough of it to last forever, may God reward fals  swearers according to their works, is all I can wis h them. My Dear Emma I think of you and the  children continualy, if I could tell you my  tale, I think you would say it was altoge there enough for once, to grattify the malice of  hell that I have suffered. I want <to> see little  Frederick, Joseph, Julia, and Alexander,  Joana, and old major. And as to yourself  if you want to know how much I want  to see you, examine your feelings, how m uch you want to see me, and judge for <you[r]self>,  I would gladly go <walk> from here to you barefoot,  and bareheaded, and half naked, to see you and  think it great pleasure, and never count it  toil, but do not think I am babyish, for  I do not feel so, I bare with fortitude all  my oppression, so do those that are with me,  not one of us have flinched yet, I want  you <should> not let those little fellows, forgit me,  tell them Father loves them with a perfect  love, and he is doing all he can to git away  from the mob to come to them, do teach  them all you can, that they may have good  minds, be tender and kind to them, dont  <be> fractious to them, but listen to their wants,  tell them Father says they must be good  children, <and> mind their mother, My Dear Emma  there is great respo[n]sibility resting upon you,  in preserveing yourself in honor, and sobr iety, before them, and teaching them right  things, to form their young and tender min ds, that they begin in right paths, and not  git contaminated when young, by seeing  ungodly examples, I soppose you see [p. [2]]
JS, letter, Liberty, MO, to Emma Smith, Quincy, IL, 4 Apr. 1839; handwriting of JS; three pages; JS papers, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, New Haven, CT.