Letter to Horace Hotchkiss, 10 December 1841

Copy of a letter to H[orace] R. Hotchkiss  Dated Nauvoo, Decr. 10th 1841
Dear Sir
Your two letters,  dated Oct. 11th & Nov. 9th 1841 have both been recd.  and that of the 9th Nov. is now before me.
I am glad that you are pleased with the  proceedings of our last Conference, relative to the  Hotchkiss purchase”; concerning which, together with  some unpleasant feeling which had originated, partly from  a misunderstanding between us, and partly through the  inefficiency, neglect, or sickness of Dr. [Isaac] Galland, I wrote to yr.  friend and partner Esqr. [Smith] Tuttle, some time since, which no  doubt you have seen before now, and with which I hope  you are also satisfied.
I have handed your request to the Editor  of the “Times & Seasons”, who will forward you the papers  desired,
I am glad that James Ivins settled with you  the $2500— note, but sorry that you suffered yourself  to lose in the sale of the land you had of him,
As regards the Cook’s Mills Tavern Stand, and the  one hundred and thirty seven acres of pine land, which  you propose to allow the church three thousand dollars  for, I have to say in reply, that I have consulted, not  only my own feelings as “Sole Trustee in trust” for the church,  but also the feelings of those of the Church whose  opinions I can always rely upon in such matters,  and the conclusion is that thirty two hundred dollars  is the least the property ought to be sold for. You can  therefore, have it for three thousand two hundred, which  is considerably less than it cost the church; we are  willing to make a partial sacrifice in the property,  but under the circumstances, think that you can  afford to give us two hundred dollars more than  you proposed.— The Health of our place is at this time  pretty good, & we hope it may continue to improve with the im provement of the city.— I remain Very Respectfully &c.
Joseph Smith
pr. J[ohn] S. Fullmer, Sec’y [p. 216]
JS, Letter, Nauvoo, IL, to Horace Hotchkiss, Fair Haven, CT, 10 Dec. 1841; in JS Letterbook 2, p. 216; handwriting of John Fullmer; JS Collection, CHL.