Letter to Horace Hotchkiss, 28 July 1840

Nauvoo July 28th. 1840
Dear Sir. I acknowledge the  receipt of yours last month giving me the numbers of the  land on Rock river, which you felt disposed to sell. In reply  to which I have to say that we have not yet examined the land  and consequently have not arrived at any conclusions respecting  it, but it is probable that some of my friends will visit it this  fall and if we should think it wisdom to locate there or on the  other tract you will be informed of the same and arrangement  entered into. I
I am sorry that your health has been so poor but hope  ere this you are perfectly recovered. It would afford me great  pleasure indeed could I hold out any prospect of the two notes  due next month being met at maturity or even this fall. Having  had considerable difficulty (necessarily consequent on a new  Settlement) to contend with, as well as poverty and considerable  Sickness, our first payment will probably be somewhat delayed  until we again get a good start in the world— which I am happy  to say, that the prospect is indeed favorable. under these  circumstances we shall have to claim your indulgence  which I have no doubt will be extended. How ever every  exrtion on our part shall be made to meet the demands against  us— so that if we cannot accomplish all we wish to it will  it will “be our misfortune, and not our fault.” Notwithstanding  the impoverished condition of our people and the adverse circum stances under which we have had to labor. I hope we shall even tually rise above them and again enjoy the blessings of health,  peace and plenty.
You are informed in a former letter that we had paid  Mr William White the one thousand dollars specified in your  bond, a few days ago he called at this place and agreed to give  us a deed for the ninety acres (less one half acre) provided I would  give him an indemnifying bond and pay the interest due from  you to him on the one thousand dollars which I agreed to do.  I have therefore got the deed for the land and paid him the  interest. My reasons for doing so were these, there were are some  who wish to purchase lots provided they can get a [p. 162]
JS, letter, Nauvoo, IL, to Horace Hotchkiss, 28 July 1840; handwriting of Robert B. Thompson; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 162–163; JS Collection, CHL.