Letter to Isaac Galland, 11 September 1839

Commerce Ill, 11th Septr 1839
We have had the great pleasure of recieving  your favour of 24th July, and learning thereby that you and your family had  arrived at Chillicothe in safety and in health. We percieve that you have had  rather a narrow escape from serious accident, and doubtless the hand of the  Lord is to be acknowledged in the matter, although unpercieved by mortal eye.
Time and experience will teach us more and more, how easily falsehood  gains credence with mankind in general, rather than the truth— but espe cially in taking into consideration the plan of Salvation; the plain simple  order of the gospel of Jesus Christ— never has been discerned nor acknowledged [p. 71]
JS, letter, Commerce, IL, to Isaac Galland, Kirtland, OH, 11 Sept. 1839; handwriting of James Mulholland; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 71–73; JS Collection, CHL.