Letter to John C. Bennett, 8 August 1840

A charter has been obtained from the Legislature for a  Rail road from Warsaw being immediately below the rap ids of the Mississippi to this place a distance of about  Tewenty miles which if carried into opperation will be  of incalculable advantage to this place as steam  Boats can only asscend the rapids at a high stage  of water. The soil is good and I should think not inf erior to any in the state. Cropps are abundant in this  section of the Country, and I think provisions will be  reasonable. I should be very happy could I make  arrangements to meet you in Springfield at the time  you mention but cannot promise myself that pleasure; if  I should not, probably you could make it convenient to  come and pay us a visit here prior to your removal.
Elder Rigdon is very sick, and has been for nearly  twelve months with the fever and Ague which disease  is very prevalent here at this time; at present he is not  able to leave his room
Yours &c,
Joseph Smith Jr
P.S. Yours of the 30th. is just received in which  I am glad to learn of your increasing desire to unite  yourself with a people “That are every way spoken  against” and the anxiety you feel for our welfare for  which you have my best feelings and I pray that  my Heavenly Father will pour out his choicist blessings  in this world and enable you by his grace to overcome  the evils which are in the world that you may secure  a blissful immortality in the world that is to come.
J. S. Jr. [p. 178]
JS, letter, Nauvoo, IL, to John C. Bennett, Fairfield, IL, 8 Aug. 1840; handwriting of Howard Coray; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 176–178; JS Collection, CHL.