Letter to John S. Carter, 13 April 1833

Kirtlan[d] 13th April 1833
Dear Broth[er] [John S.] Carter your Letter to Broth Jared [Carter] is just put into  my hand and I have carefully purrused its contents and  imbrace this oppertunity to answer it, we proceed to answer  your questions first concerning your labour in the region where  you live we acquiesce in your feelings on this subject until the  the mouth of the Lord shall name and as it respects the  vision you speak of we do not consider ourselves bound [p. 29]
John Sims Carter was baptized a church member and ordained to the priesthood in late 1832. He then began a mission in Vermont, during which he requested guidance from Kirtland church leaders regarding several issues. Responding in this letter, JS addressed Carter’s missionary service as well as protocols of institutional and personal revelation and visions, duties of priesthood offices, and the administration of church discipline.
JS wrote this letter from Kirtland, Ohio, to Carter at Benson, Vermont. Frederick G. Williams subsequently transcribed a copy of it into Letter Book 1.