Letter to John Thornton and Others, 25 June 1834

“Rush Creek. Clay Co. June 25 [1834]”—
“Gent, our company of men advanced yesterday from  their encampment beyond Fishing River to Rush Creek, where  their tents are again pitched. But feeding feeling disposed to adopt  every pacific measure than that can be done, without jeopard izing their our lives, to quiet the prejudices and fears of some  part of the citizens of this county, we have concluded that  our company shall be immediately dispersed and con tinue so. till every effort for an adjustment of differences  between us and the people of Jackson has been made [p. 505]
JS, letter, Rush Creek, MO, to John Thornton and others, Clay County, MO, 25 June 1834; handwriting of Willard Richards; in Manuscript History of the Church, volume A-1, pp. 505–506; CHL.