Letter to Orson Hyde, 7 April 1834

assaying to be the church of Christ will not help  us when they can do it without sacrifice with those  blessings which God has bestowed upon them I proph[es]y  I speak the truth I Lie not God shall take away  their tallant and give it to those who have no tallant  and shall prevent them from ever obtaining a place  of reffuge or an in heritance upon the Land of Zion  Therefore they may tarry for they might as well  be overtaken where they are as to incur the displeasur  of God and fall under his wrath by the wayside  or to fall into the hands of a merciless mob where  there is no God to deliver as salt that has lost  its savour and is thenceforth god good for nothing  but to be troden undr feet of men I therefor  beseech you to conjure [adjure]them in the name of  the Lord by the Love of God to lend us a  helping hand and if all this will not sof ten their hearts to administer to our necessity  for Zion sake turn your back up on them  and return speedily to Kirtland and the blood  of Zion be upon their heads even as upon  the heads of her enimies and let their rec compence be as the reccompence of her enemes  for thus shall it come to pass saith the  Lord of hosts who has the cattle upon a  thousand hills who has put forth his  Almyhty [Almighty] hand to bring to pass his strang[e]  act and what man shall put forth his  hand to steady the ark of God or be  found turning a deaf ear to the voice  of his servant God shall speak in  due time and all will be declared amen
Your broth[er] in the new covenant Joseph
PS I am much disappointed on learni[n]g  about my horse but if you cannot obtain  him bring the mare and please do not [p. 83]
JS, Frederick G. Williams, and Oliver Cowdery, letter, Kirtland, OH, to Orson Hyde, NY, 7 Apr. 1834; handwriting of Frederick G. Williams; in JS Letterbook 1, pp. 82–84; JS Collection, CHL.