Letter to Saints in Kirtland, 19 October 1840

Nauvoo Hancock County, Ill
Oct 19th 1840
To the Saints in
Dearly beloved brethren in the Kingdom  and patience of Jesus Christ.
We take this opportunity of informing you that we yet  remember the saints scattered abroad in the regions of Kirtland &  feel interested in their welfare as well as in that of the Saints  at large.
We have beheld with feelings peculiar to ourselves the  situation of things in Kirtland and the numerous difficul ties to which the Saints have been subjected by false friends  as well as open enemies. All these circumstances have more  or less engaged our attention from time to time.
We likewise must complain of the stake of  Kirtland for not writing to us the brethren who are in the office  and authority in the Stake of Kirtland for not writing to  us and making known their difficulties and their affairs  from time to time so that they might be advised in matters  of importance to the well being of said stake; but above  all, for not sending one word of consolation to us while we  were in the hands of our enemies— and thrust into dungeons.
Some of our friends from various sections sent  us letters which breathed a kind and sympathetick spirit,  and which made our afflictions and sufferings [en]durable.  All was silent as the grave no feelings of sorrow sympathy  or affection to cheer the heart under the gloomy shades of  affliction and trouble through which we had to pass.
Dear brethren could you realize that your  brethren were thus circumstancial and were to bear up  under the weight of affliction and woe which was heaped  upon them by their enemies and you stand unmoved  and unconcerned!!! Where were the bowels of comp assion Where was the love which ought to characterize  the saints of the most high, did those high born and  noble feelings lie dormant, or were you insensible to  the treatment we received.
However, we are disposed to leave [p. 188]
JS and Hyrum Smith, letter, Nauvoo, IL, to the Saints in Kirtland, OH, 19 Oct. 1840; handwriting of Howard Coray; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 188–190; JS Collection, CHL.