Letter to the Elders of the Church, 2 October 1835

After so long a time, and after so  many things having been said, I feel it  my duty to drop a few hints, that, per haps, the elders, traveling through the  world to warn the inhabitants of the  earth to flee the wrath to come, and  save themselves from this untoward  generation, may be aided in a measure,  in doctrine, and in the way of their du ty. I have been laboring in this cause  for eight years, during which time I  have traveled much, and have had  much experience. I removed from  Seneca county, N. Y. to Geauga coun ty, Ohio, in February, 1831.
Having received, by an heavenly  vision, a commandment, in June fol lowing, to take my journey to the wes tern boundaries of the State of Missou ri, and there designate the very spot,  which was to be the central spot, for  the commencement of the gathering  together of those who embrace the ful ness of the everlasting gospel—I accor dingly undertook the journey with cer tain ones of my brethren, and, after a  long and tedious journey, suffering  many privations and hardships, I ar rived in Jackson county Missouri; and,  after viewing the country, seeking dil igently at the hand of God, he mani fested himself unto me, and designa ted to me and others, the very spot up on which he designed to commence the  work of the gathering, and the upbuild ing of an holy city, which should be  called Zion:—Zion because it is to be  a place of righteousness, and all who  build thereon, are to worship the true  and living God—and all believe in one  doctrine even the doctrine of our Lord  and Savior Jesus Christ. [p. 179]
JS, letter, Kirtland, OH, to the elders of the church, 2 Oct. 1835; Latter Day Saints’ Messenger and Advocate, Sept. 1835, pp. 179–182.