Letterbook 2

Your message is delivered to Mrs Smith. & she will  be glad to have returns on her letter of Attorney, as speedily  as circumstance will permit according to the under standing thereof,
I am happy to hear of your welfare &  the health of your family, and also to inform you  that the health of Nauvoo, has much improved since  last Summer. and considering the very mild state of the  weather most of the time it is very excellent.
Myself & family are in health. & our  enemies are at peace with us as much as can  be expected in this generation.
Should any thing new occur which  may be for our advantage you will please  write & I will do the same. I remain  yours in the Gospel of Christ,
Joseph Smith,
P. S. You will endeavor to have the money  on your letter of attorney for Mrs Smith  ready to furnish a fresh supply of goods early  in the Spring.
Letterbook 2, [1839–ca. summer 1843]; handwriting of Howard Coray, James Mulholland, Robert B. Thompson, Willard Richards, John Fullmer, William Clayton, and George Walker; 238 leaves, 245 pages of letters, plus 26 pages of index and 83 pages of company records for Rigdon, Smith, & Co.; JS Collection, CHL.
Note: This book was originally used as a ledger, then turned over and repurposed as a letterbook. The ledger portion will be posted on this website at a later date.