Letterbook 2

JS and Elias Higbee to Hyrum Smith • 5 December 1839

Robert B. Thompson handwriting ends; Howard Coray begins.  

Washington City Corner of Missouri & 3d. Street,
Dec 5th 1839.
Dear Brother Hiram [Hyrum Smith]. President and to the Honor able High Council of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter  day Saints. To whom be fellowship, love and the peace  of Almighty God extended and the prayer of faith  forever and ever Amen, Your fellow labourers, Joseph  Smith Jr, Elias Higbee and Agents, as well as the  servants that are sent by you, to perform one of the most  arduous and responsible duties, and also to labour  in the most honorable cause that ever graced the  pages of human existance; and respectfully show  by these lines, that we have taken up our cross thus far  and that we arrived in this City on the morning of  the 28th. of November, and spent the most of that day  in looking up a boarding house which we succeeded in  in finding. We found as cheap boarding as can be  had in this city. On friday morning 29th we proceeded  <to> the house of the President— We found a very large and  splendid palace, surrounded with a splendid enclosure  decorated with all the finery fineries and elegancies of this  world we went to the door and requested to see the  President; when we were immediately introduced into  an upper apartment where we met the President  and were introduced into his parlor, where we prese nted him with our Letters of introduction;— as soon as  he had read one of them, he looked upon us with  a kind of half frown and said, what can I do?  I can do nothing for you,— if I do any thing, I shall  come in contact with the whole State of Missouri— But  we were not to be intimidated, and demanded a  hearing and constitutional rights— Before we left him  he promised to reconsider what he had said, and  observed that he felt to sympathise with us on ac count of our sufferings,— Now we shall endeavor to  express our feelings and views concerning the President, as  we have been eye witnesses of his Majesty— He is a small  man, sandy complexion, and ordinary features; with [p. 85]
Letterbook 2, [1839–ca. summer 1843]; handwriting of Howard Coray, James Mulholland, Robert B. Thompson, Willard Richards, John Fullmer, William Clayton, and George Walker; 238 leaves, 245 pages of letters, plus 26 pages of index and 83 pages of company records for Rigdon, Smith, & Co.; JS Collection, CHL.
Note: This book was originally used as a ledger, then turned over and repurposed as a letterbook. The ledger portion will be posted on this website at a later date.