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Levi Richards, Journal, 11 June 1843, extract

11) attended meeting at the Temple  <weather very fine moderately warm,>  heard J. Smith preach from  Math. “<Oh> Jerusalem Jerusalem &c<,>  how oft would I have gathered  you, as a hen gathereth her  chickens under her wings & ye  would not, behold your house  is left unto you desolate.”  afternoon— heard Eld. De Wolf  Episcapalian Clergyman from  the 6th Hebrews “Therefore leaving  the first principles &c.”——
at 6 AM. heard Eld. G[eorg]e J Adam  Adams upon the book of Mormon  proved from the 24,th 28th & 29th of  Isaiah that the everlasting covenat  set which was set upon by Christ  & the apostles had been broken [p. [15]]
Levi Richards, Journal excerpt, 11 June 1843; in Levi Richards, Journal, 4 Oct. 1840–7 Aug. 1853, pp. [15]–[16]; handwriting of Levi Richards; CHL.