Memorial to High Council, 18 June 1840

Your Memorialist would further represent that  as Elder H[enry] G. Sherwood is conversant with  the affairs of the City plot, he thinks that he  would be a suitable person to act as Clerk  in that business and attend to the desposing  of the remaining lots &c &c
Your Memorialist would take this  opportunity of congratulating your Honorable  body on the peace and Harmony which exists  in the Church and for the good feelings which  Seem to be manifest by all the Saints—  and hopes that in as much as every one  devotes themselves for the good of the church  and the spread of the Kingdom that the  Choisest blessings of Heaven will be poured  upon us, and that the Glory of the Lord  will overshadow the inheritances of the  Saints
Joseph Smith Jr
Nauvoo June 18th. 1840 [p. [3]]
JS, memorial, Nauvoo, IL, to Nauvoo High Council, 18 June 1840; handwriting of Robert B. Thompson; 3 pages; JS Collection, CHL. Includes endorsements.