Minutes, 1–2 November 1831

Minutes of a conference held in Hiram, Portage Co Ohio, Nov 1 1831
Elders Present
Joseph Smith JrSidney Rigdon
Oliver CowderyWilliam E. Mc.lellin
David WhitmerOrson Hyde
John WhitmerLuke Johnson
Peter Whitmer JrLyman Johnson
Br Sidney Rigdon appointed moderater & Oliver Cowdery Clerk br  Oliver Cowdery made a request desiring the mind of the Lord through this  conference of Elders to know how many copies of the Book of command ments it was the will of the Lord should be published in the first  edition of that work. Voted that there be ten thousand struck copies  struck. Adjourned until after noon.
Preface received by inspiration
Conference commenced according to adjournment br Sidney Rigdon  appointed Moderater & Oliver Cowdery, Clerk [p. 15]
During the first half of November 1831, JS held a series of council meetings in Hiram, Ohio, at which the primary business was planning the publication of a compilation of revelations. Such a compilation, now known as Revelation Book 1, already existed in a manuscript called “The Book of Commandments and Revelations.” The November 1831 meetings focused on setting the publication project in motion.
The minutes of the conference held on 1–2 November 1831 recorded the decision to print 10,000 copies (later reduced to 3,000) of what was to be called the Book of Commandments. During the meetings, JS solicited a “testimony” from the elders present to accompany the volume.
This text appears in Minute Book 2, copied into that record book by Ebenezer Robinson in spring 1838. He apparently copied this document from minutes taken at the time of the conference in November 1831.