Minutes, 12 November 1831

Minutes of a special conference held in Hiram Portage County  Ohio, November 12. 1831.
Joseph Smith jr.Peter Whitmer jr.
Oliver CowderySidney Rigdon
David WhitmerReynolds Cahoon
John WhitmerWm. E. Mc.lellinLuke Johnson
Br. Wm. E. Mc.lellin was appointed Moderator & Oliver Cowdery Clerk.  Prayer by the moderator.
Br. Joseph Smith jr. said one item he wished acted upon was that our brs.  Oliver Cowdery & John Whitmer & the sacred writings which they have en trusted to them to carry to Zion be dedicated to the Lord by the prayer of faith.  Secondly, Br. Oliver has labored with me from the begining in writing &c.  Br. Martin [Harris] has labored with me from the begining, & brs. John & Sidney  also for a considerable time, & as these sacred writings are now going  to the Church for their benefit, that we may have claim on the Church  for recompence, if this conference think these things worth prizing to be  had on record to show hereafter I feel that it will be according to the mind of  the Spirit for by it these things were put into my heart which I know to  be the Spirit of truth &c.
Voted that Joseph Smith jr. be appointed to dedicate & consecrate these  brethren & the sacred writings & all they have entrusted to their care, to the  Lord: done accordingly.
After deliberate consideration in consequence of the book of Revelation  now to be printed being the foundation of the Church & the salvation of the world  & the Keyes of the mysteries of the Kingdom, & the riches of Eternity to the church.  Voted that they be prized by this Conference to be worth to the Church  the riches of the whole Earth. Speaking temporally.
Voted that in consequence of the dilligence of our brethren, Joseph Smith jr.  Oliver Cowdery John Whitmer & Sidney Rigdon in bringing to light by the grace of  God these sacred things, be appointed to manage them according to the Laws of the  Church & the commandments of the Lord.
Minutes, Hiram, OH, 12 Nov. 1831; handwriting of Ebenezer Robinson; in Minute Book 2, pp. 18–19; CHL.