Minutes, 12 November 1831

Voted by this conference that the above named brethren be remmemberd  to the Bishop in Zion as being worthy of inheritances among the people  of the Lord according to the laws of said Church.
Closed. prayer by br. John Whitmer.
As two weeks of conference meetings in November 1831 wound to a close, a few items remained to be resolved. At the closing session on 12 November 1831, JS proposed that Oliver Cowdery and John Whitmer, as well as the compilation of revelations they were about to carry to Missouri for publication, be “dedicated to the Lord.” JS also sought the conference’s support for “recompense” for key individuals who had helped him bring forth the revelations.
This text appears in Minute Book 2, copied into that record book by Ebenezer Robinson in spring 1838. He apparently copied this document from minutes taken at the time of the conference in November 1831.