Minutes, 13–14 January 1833

K[i]rtland January 13— 1833,
Bro Sidney arose and stated his object in calling the  meeting & opened by prayer,
The first Itim that came before the conference for  their consideration, was on the subject of the Revelation  given 22 & 23d Sept 1832 relative to the saints in  Zion— It was resolved that Bro Orson Hyde &  Hyrum Smith be a committe to write an Epistle  to them <on that subject> and also on the subject of Letters wr[it]ten  by Bros [William W.] Phelps & [Sidney] Gilbert in the name of the conference  This conference sanctioned a letter writen to  Broth Phelps of on the 11 inst. by Bro Joseph Smith J  It was also resolved that the President of the  High Priest hood should see to the conducting  of the meetings on the sabbath days when pres ent, & the Bishop in his abscence
Resolved also that prayer be offered up by all  the members of the conference that the epistle written [p. 5]
Sidney Rigdon called for a January 1833 conference of Ohio high priests as part of an effort to resolve the discord that had marred the relationship between church leaders in Missouri and Ohio for eighteen months. Besides commissioning letters to be written by JS, Hyrum Smith, and Orson Hyde in Ohio to William W. Phelps and Sidney Gilbert in Missouri and praying that the communication would have the desired effect, conference participants also discussed the 22–23 September 1832 revelation “relative to the Saints in Zion.”
Frederick G. Williams, who had been serving as JS’s clerk, took minutes of the meeting and entered a copy into Minute Book 1.