Minutes, 13–14 January 1833

might have the desired effect, also that Bros  Orson & Hyram have the prayers of the conferen[ce]  for the holy spirit to direct them in writing  the said Epistle to the brethren in Zion  No further business the conference adjourned  till Tomorrow evening, closed by prayer—
[January] 14 meet agreeable to adjournment and after  opening the meeting by Prayer the conference  unanimously sanctioned the Epistle which was  writen agreeable to the afforesaid resolution as  presented by Bro Orson & Hyram. There being no  farther business the conferenc[e] closed by Prayer—
Sidney Rigdon called for a January 1833 conference of Ohio high priests as part of an effort to resolve the discord that had marred the relationship between church leaders in Missouri and Ohio for eighteen months. Besides commissioning letters to be written by JS, Hyrum Smith, and Orson Hyde in Ohio to William W. Phelps and Sidney Gilbert in Missouri and praying that the communication would have the desired effect, conference participants also discussed the 22–23 September 1832 revelation “relative to the Saints in Zion.”
Frederick G. Williams, who had been serving as JS’s clerk, took minutes of the meeting and entered a copy into Minute Book 1.