Minutes, 17 February 1834

This day, Feb. 17 1834, a Conference of High Priests assembled at in Kirtla[n]d  at the House of bro. Joseph Smith Jur. They proceeded to organize the  Presidents Church Council, Consisting of twelve high priests, and this  according to the law of God. The names of those who were chosen as  Counsellors, were Joseph Smith Junr. Sidney Rigdon and F[rederick] G. Williams  Presidents. Joseph Smith Seigr [Sr.], John Smith, Joseph Coe, John Johnson,  Martin Harris, John S Carter, Jared Corter [Carter], Oliver Cowdery, Saml.  H. Smith, Orson Hyde, Sylvester Smith, and Luke Johnson, Coun sellors. Bro. Joseph opened the Council by solem prayer. He then  arose and called upon the high priests, Elders, priests, teachers and  deacons that were present who had not been nominated as Counsellors  to pass their vote whether they were satisfied with the appointment or  nomination of the twelve to Compose the Church Council. It was the  unanimous voice of all present that those who had been nominated, as above,  should compose a standing Council in Kirtland. It was also voted  that when any one <or more> of the standing Counsellors was were absent, their vacancy  should be filled by any high priests whom the majority of the Council  should nominate or choose,
Provideing that no Council shall be held unless seven of the above  named Counsellors are present, or their successors. The above  named Counsellors all manifested a willingness to act according  to their appointment, the Lord being their helper. Bro Hyrum  Smith acted in the place of John Smith. There were nine  high priests present and acted in the appointment of the above  named Counsellors, also seventeen Elders, and four priests with thirteen  private members. Bro Joseph then said he would show the order  of Councils in ancient days (see 27 & 28 pages) as shown to [p. 29]
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 17 Feb. 1834; handwriting of Orson Hyde; in Minute Book 1, pp. 29–31; CHL.