Minutes, 21 October 1831

Minutes of a special conference held in Hiram Portage co Ohio  Oct 21, 1831
Elders present
Joseph Smith JrSidney Rigdon
Oliver CowderyFrederick G Williams
John WhitmerLuke Johnson
Peter Whitmer [Jr.]Stephen Burnett
Prayer by Sidney <Rigdon> who called in question <the case> of two brs William Cahoon  and Peter Devolve who were accused by some of our brethren of offering abuse  to br. Newel K. Whitney’s little child. Br. Frederick G. Williams arose and said that  he was at a meeting with the Kirtland brethren, when br. William Cahoon was  present who spoke at considerable length by the Spirit of the Lord as he supposed,  and also br. Peter Devolve declared that he was filled with the Spirit of God,  but had confessed previous that he did offer abuse to the child, but not to the  satisfaction of her parents.
Therefore voted by this conference that it is their undoubted opinion taking  into consideration the testimony before them. It is therefore voted that this conference  send our beloved brethren Joseph Smith jr. and Sidney Rigdon unto the church in  Kirtland to lay before them the descision of this Conference, call before them these two  brethren cause them to make sufficient acknowledgement of their sins, or be dealt with  according to the law of this Church.
Closed in prayer by Joseph Smith jr.
Oliver Cowdery Clerk of Conference. [p. 9]
Minutes, Hiram, OH, 21 Oct. 1831; handwriting of Ebenezer Robinson; in Minute Book 2, p. 9; CHL.