Minutes, 25–26 October 1831

Br. Sidney Rigdon then made certain remarks on the privileges of  the Saints in these last days. Remarks to those who were ordained to the High priest hood last evening, saying that the Lord was not well pleased with some of them because  of their indifference to be ordained to that office, exhortation to faith and obedience  setting forth the power of that office.
Br. Orson Hyde said that he received the rebuke in meekness. The same by brs.  Stephen Burnett, Joseph Brackenberry, Levi Jackman & Frederick G. Williams.
The Clerk said that the directions which himself & his br. David Whitmer had  recieved this morning respecting the choice of the twelve, was that they would be  ordained & sent forth from the Land of Zion.
Voted that this Conference appoint another General Conference in Amherst  Lorain County on the 25th. January 1832.
Voted that brs. Sidney Rigdon Oliver Cowdery Hyrum Smith & Orson Hyde speak  this day to the congregation which shall assemble.
Closed, Prayer by br. Sidney Rigdon.
Orange Cuyahoga County Ohio, Oct. 26. 1831. [p. 15]
Thirty-nine ministers of the Church of Christ assembled on 25 October 1831 at the home of Serenus Burnett, in Orange, Ohio, for what was called a “general conference.” The conference focused on the recently introduced office of high priest and the need for greater unity. Those present affirmed a willingness to consecrate their lives and possessions to the Lord’s work.
The conference also addressed the need to raise funds to support JS and his family while he was involved in the “translation” (revision) of the Bible. In the same spirit of sharing resources, JS encouraged those present to help the families of elders who were away serving missions.
These minutes appear in Minute Book 2, as copied into that record by Ebenezer Robinson in spring 1838. Appointed church clerk and recorder 6 April 1838, Robinson apparently copied this text from minutes taken at the time of the conference in October 1831.