Minutes, 26–27 April 1832

And the right hand of fellowship given him by the Bishop  Edward Partridge in the land of Zion in the name of the church
Br. Sidney Gilbert was ordained a Highpriest under the hand  of br. Joseph Smith jr.
Br. Sidney Rigdon then stated the items embraced in a Revelation  received in Ohio & the reason why we were commanded to come to  this land & sit in council with the Highpriests here, for the  particulars of which read the commandment.
Conference adjourned for one hour.
All differences settled & the hearts of all run together in love A Revelation received through him whom the Church has appointed  respecting organization.
Council adjourned until to-morrow 9 o’clock A.M.
Council convened. Opened by singing “He dies the friend of  sinners dies &c.” & prayer by br. Sidney Rigdon
Resolved. that the name of the Firm mentioned in the  commandments yesterday be Gilbert, Whitney & Company in Zion,  And Newel K. Whitney & company in Kirtland Geauga Co. Ohio.
Resolved that brs. William W. Phelps & Sidney Gilbert draft the  bond for the above named Firm. As there was not any business of importance  before the council; Brethren Sidney [Rigdon] Joseph & William gave desertations  on the Gospel, its appendages &c. Council closed in prayer by br. Joseph  Smith jr.
April 27. 1832. [p. 25]
Pursuant to a 1 March 1832 revelation instructing them to “sit in counsel with the saints in Zion,” JS, Newel K. Whitney, Sidney Rigdon, and others met in Independence, Jackson County, Missouri, on 26 April 1832 to organize “Literary and Merchantile establishments” for the church. The conference also gave Rigdon and Edward Partridge the opportunity to reconcile differences between them dating to the previous year. See Revelation, 26 April 1832.
The high priests attending this conference acknowledged JS as “President of the High Priesthood.” That office had been introduced on 11 November 1831, and JS was subsequently appointed to the position on 25 January 1832 at Amherst, Ohio.
Ebenezer Robinson recorded these minutes in Minute Book 2 in spring 1838, apparently from notes taken at the April 1832 conference.