Minutes, 27–28 December 1832

in his turn his feelings, and determination  to keep the commandments of God, And then  proceded to receive a revelation concerning the  subject of our above stated 9 oclock PM.  the revelation not being finished the conference  adjourned till tomorrow morning 9 oclock AM—.
28th. meet according [to] adjournment and commenced  by Prayer then proceded to receive the residue  of the <above> revelation and it being finished  and there being no further business before  the conference closed the meeting by prayer  in harmony with the brethren and gratitude to  our heavenly Father for the great manifestation  of his holy spirit during the setting of the  conferenc[e]
F G Williams Clk of Con [p. 4]
On 27–28 December 1832, ten high priests assembled in the upstairs of the Kirtland, Ohio, store owned by Bishop Newel K. Whitney. JS’s practice at the time was to meet in conference with gatherings of high priests to conduct church business. Those in attendance had come together to learn the Lord’s will in regard to their responsibilites and the building up of Zion. As part of the two-day meeting, JS dictated a lengthy revelation later designated as the “Olive Leaf.”
Frederick G. Williams, who had been serving as JS’s scribe since 20 July 1832, kept minutes of these meetings and copied them into Minute Book 1.