Minutes, 30 April 1832

Secondly: Ordered by the Council that the printing of an Alminack  for Zion this season be left at the option of brs. William Oliver & John.
Thirdly: Ordered by the Council that all Revelations be limited to the parties  concerned until printed.
Fourthly: Ordered by the Council that brs. William, Oliver & John be  appointed to review the Book of Commandmants & select for printing such  as shall be deemed by them proper, as dictated by the spirit & make all necessary  verbal corrections
Fifthly Ordered by the Council that the Hymns selected by sister Emma [Hale Smith]  be corrected by br. William W. Phelps Closed
Previous revelations instructed the church to organize businesses to manage its financial and publishing concerns. Compiled over a six-day period, from 26 April to 1 May 1832, these minutes reflected efforts to establish both the Literary and United firms. This particular text dealt primarily with the Literary Firm, although the United Firm eventually supported publishing efforts of the Literary Firm and also operated other church enterprises.
Ebenezer Robinson recorded this text in Minute Book 2 in spring 1838, apparently relying on minutes taken at the time of the conference in April 1832.