Minutes, 4 August 1831

Elders Present Elders Present
Joseph Smith jr.William W. Phelps
Oliver CowderyMartin Harris
Peter Whitmer [Jr.]Fred[e]rick G. Williams
Ziba PetersonNewel Knight
Sidney RigdonJoseph Coe
Edward PartridgeSidney Gilbert
Isaac MorleyEzra Booth (denied the faith)
The conference opened by singing “Glorious things &c.[”] Prayer by br.  Edward Partridge, Exhortation to obedience to the requisition of Heaven by  delivering a charge in the name of the Lord Christ to the Bishop,  Rulers & members of the Church planted in their inheritances in the  land of Zion, by br. Sidney Rigdon.
Confession of br. Ziba Peterson of his transgressions which were  satisfactory to the Church as appeared by unanimous vote.
E[x]hortation by br. Joseph Smith jr. to acts of righteousness and  keeping the commandments of the Lord with promise of blessing<s>.
Thirty-one members present, who, with the Elders partook of the sacrament
Closed by prayer by Oliver Cowdery.
Minutes, Kaw Township, MO, 4 Aug. 1831; handwriting of Ebenezer Robinson; in Minute Book 2, pp. 4–5; CHL.