Minutes, 8 November 1831

Minutes of a special Conference held in Hiram, Portage Co. Ohio, Nov. 8. 1831.
Elders Present.
Joseph Smith jr.Christian Whitmer
Oliver CowderySidney Rigdon
John WhitmerWilliam E. Mc.lellin
Peter Whitmer [Jr.]Luke Johnson
Br. Joseph Smith jr. appointed Moderator & John Whitmer Clerk. Opened, prayer  by br. Joseph Smith jr.
Remarks by br. Sidney Rigdon on the errors or mistakes which are in command ments and revelations, made either by the scribe translation in consequence  of the slow way of the scribe at the time of receiving or by the scribes themselves
Resolved by this conference that Br Joseph Smith Jr correct those errors or  mistakes which he may discover by the holy Spirit while receiving the revelations  reviewing reviewing the revelations & commandments & also the fulness of the  scriptures.
Resolved by this conference that br Oliver Cowdery shall  all the writings which go forth to the world which go through the  Printing press (except) the revelations and commandments) by the Spirit  of the Lord and this according to the commandment given in Missourie [p. 16]
Most of the elders present at this conference of 8 November 1831 had attended a similar gathering a week earlier at which important decisions were made regarding the publication of the manuscript compilation called the “Book of Commandments and Revelations.” JS intended to include as part of the published volume a formal testimonial from various church elders about the book’s truthfulness. However, some were hesitant and expressed doubts about the divinity of the revelations’ language. A revelation advised them how to resolve their concerns. The elders followed this advice, and the day’s meeting concluded with all present openly attesting to the truthfulness of the revelations.
The texts never claimed to be linguistically perfect but instead acknowledged that they contained certain infelicities of expression, with human “weakness” manifested in the dictation and recording process. The conference resolved that JS should correct any errors or mistakes that he discovered by the Spirit.
This text appears in Minute Book 2, copied into that record by Ebenezer Robinson in spring 1838. He apparently recorded these minutes from notes kept at the conference in November 1831.