Note, 8 March 1832

and Broth[er] Sidney [Rigdon] to be my councillers of the ministry  of the presidency of <th[e]> high Pristhood and from the 16th.  of February up to this date have been at home  except a journey to Kirtland on the 29 Feby and  returned home one [on] the 4th of March[.] we received a  revelation in Kirtland and one since I returned  home blessed be the name of the Lord—— [p. 11]
This journal-like entry precedes JS’s first journal by nearly nine months. The significance of the event with which this entry opens may have prompted the entry, though it goes on to shed light on JS’s activities and whereabouts for the previous three weeks. Although its placement between revelations in a book dedicated to recording revelations is unusual, it was not only a safe place to preserve the information, it was an obvious location for Frederick G. Williams to do so since he was custodian of the book at the time and regularly wrote in it. The entry also mentions several revelations, texts of which Williams also copied into Revelations Book 2 following this entry.
In November 1831, JS dictated a revelation that called for presidents to be appointed for each of the church’s various priesthood grades. The text made it clear that the president of the high priesthood presided over the entire organization. JS was formally sustained to that office at a conference held 25 January 1832 at Amherst, Ohio. Six weeks later JS chose two men to be his counselors in the high priesthood presidency.
Frederick G. Williams recorded this text in Revelation Book 2 in March 1832, with the document dated “March 8th 1832.”