Prayer, 23 October 1835

ointed time and that without the shedd ing of blood; that he will hold  our lives precious, and grant that we may  live to the common age of man, and never  fall into the hands nor power of the mob  in Missourie nor in any other place; that he  will also preserve our posterity, that none of them  fall even to the end of time; that he will give  us the blessings of the earth sufficient to carry us  to Zion, and that we may purchase inher itances in that land, even enough to carry  on <and accomplish> the work unto which he has appointed  us; and also that he will assist all others  who desire, accordingly to his commandme nts, to go up and purchase inheritances; and  all this easily and without perplexity, and  trouble; and finally, that in the end he  will save us in his Celestial Kingdom. Amen.