Proclamation, 15 January 1841

ment to the cause of truth, have their  predjudices of education, and conse quently it requires some time before  these things can be overcome: again,  there are many that creep in unawares,  and endeavor to sow discord, strife and  animosity, in our midst, and by so doing  bring evil upon the Saints; these things  we have to bear with, and these things  will prevail either to a greater or lesser  extent until “the floor be thoroughly  purged” and “the chaff be burnt up.”  Therefore let those who come up to  this place, be determined to keep the  commandments of God, and not be dis couraged by those things we have enu merated, and then they will be prosper ed, the intelligence of heaven will be  communicated to them, and they will  eventually see eye to eye, and rejoice  in the full fruition of that glory, which  is reserved for the righteous.
In order to erect the Temple of the  Lord, great exertions will be required  on the part of the Saints, so that they  may build a house which shall be ac cepted of by the Almighty, and in  which his power and glory shall be  manifested. Therefore let those who  can, freely make a sacrifice of their time,  their talents, and their property, for the  prosperity of the kingdom, and for the  love they have to the cause of truth, bid  adieu to their homes and pleasant pla ces of abode, and unite with us in the  great work of the last days, and share  in the tribulation, that they may ulti mately share in the glory and triumph.
We wish it, likewise, to be distinctly  uderstood that we claim no privilege  but what we feel cheerfully disposed to  share with our fellow citizens of every  denomination, and every sentiment of  religion; and therefore say, that, so  far from being restricted to our own  faith, let all those who desire to locate  themselves in this place, or the vicinity,  come, and we will hail them as citizens  and friends, and shall feel it not  only a duty. but a privilege, to recip rocate the kindness we have received  from the benevolent and kind hearted  citizens of the State of Illinois.
Presidents of the Church.
Nauvoo, January 15, 1841. [p. 277]
JS, Sidney Rigdon, and Hyrum Smith, Proclamation, Nauvoo, IL, 15 Jan. 1841; in Times and Seasons, 15 Jan. 1841, 2:273–277.