Revelation, 1 August 1831 [D&C 58]

Servent Edward this land is the land of his residence &  those whom he has appointed for his councillors & also the  land of the residence of him whom I have appointed to keep  my storehouse Wherefore let them bring their families to  this land as they shall council between them & me for  behold it is not meet that I should command in all things  for he that is compelled in all things the same is a sloth full & not a wise Servent Wherefore he receiveth no reward  verily I say men should be anxiously engaged in a good  cause and do many things of their own free will, &  bring to pass much righteousness for the power is in them  wherein they are agents unto themselves & in-as-much as men  are good they shall in no wise loose their reward but he that doeth  not any thing untill he is commanded & receiveth a commandment with  a doubtfull heart & keepeth it with slothfullness the same is damned  Who am I that made man saith the Lord that will hold him guilty  that obey not my commandments who am I saith the Lord that have  promised & have not fulfilled I command & a man obeys not I  revoke & they receive not the blessing then they say in their hearts  this is not the work of the Lord for his promises are not fulfilled  but wo unto such for their reward lurketh beneath & not from  above & now I give unto you further directions concerning this Land  it is wisdom in me that my servent Martin [Harris] should be an example  unto the church in laying his money before the bishop of the  Church & also this is a law unto every man that cometh unto the Land  to receive an inheritance and he shall do with his moneys according  as the law directs & it is wisdom also that it there should be lands purch ased in Independence for the place of the storehouse & also for the house  of the Printing & other directions concerning my servent Martin shall  be given him of the spirit that he may receive his inheritance as  seemeth him good & let him repent of his sins for he seeketh the  praise of the world & also let my servent William [W. Phelps] stand in the  office which I have appointed him & receive his inheritance in  the Land & also he hath need to repent for I the lord am not pleased  with him for he seeketh to excell & he is not sufficiently humble  meek in his heart behold he that hath repented of his sins the [p. 96]
Revelation, Jackson County, MO, 1 Aug. 1831; handwriting of John Whitmer; in Revelation Book 1, pp. 94–98; CHL.