Revelation, 1 August 1831 [D&C 58]

same is forgiven & I the Lord remembereth them no more by this  ye may know if a man repenteth of his sins behold he will  confess them & forsake them & now verily I say concerning the residue  of the Elders of my Church the time has not yet come for many years  for them to receive their inheritance in this land except they desire  it through prayer only as they it shall be appointed unto them for  Behold they shall push the people together from the ends of the Earth  wherefore assemble yourselves together & he that is not appointed to  stay in this land let them preach the gospel in the regions round  about & after that let them return to their homes let them preach  by the way & bear testimony of the truth in all places & call upon  the rich the high & the low & the poor to repent & let them build  up churches in-as-much as the inhabitants of the Earth will repent  & let there be an agent appointed by the voice of the Church & I  give unto my servent Sidney [Rigdon] a commandment that he shall write  a discription of the Land of Zion & a statement of the will of God  as it shall be made known by the spirit unto him and an Epi stle & subscription to be presented unto all the Churches to obtain  money to be put into the hands of the Bishop to purchase lands  for an inheritance for the children of God of himself or the agent  as seemeth him good or as he shall direct for behold verily I say  unto you the Lord willeth that the deciples & the children of men  should open their hearts even to purchase this whole region of  country as soon as time will permit behold here is wisdom let  them do this lest they reserve none inheritance save it be by  the sheding of blood & again in as much as there is lands obtained  let there be workmen sent forth of all kinds unto this land to  labour for the saints of God let all these things be done in order  & let the priveliges of the lands be made known from time to time  by the Bishop or the agent of the Church & let the work of the gether ing be not in haste nor by flight but let it be done as it shall be  councelied by the Elders of the Church at the conferences according to  the knoweledge which they receive from time to time & let my serv ent Sidney consecrate & dedicate this land & the spot of the temple  unto the Lord & let a conference meeting be called & after that let my  servent Sidney & Joseph return & also Oliver [Cowdery] with them to [p. 97]
A June 1831 revelation directed more than two dozen elders to make a journey from Ohio to Missouri, preaching along the way. They began arriving in the western part of the state the following month. About that time the first congregation of church members, sixty converts known as the Colesville Branch, also arrived. Several revelations resulted from the ventures. This revelation addressed the general principles and specific procedures that were to govern the gathering. It mingled reflection on Zion’s future with direction on how to meet immediate practical needs.
John Whitmer copied this text, addressed to the elders assembled in Zion, into Revelation Book 1, where it is designated “61 Commandment August 1st 1831,” sometime in September 1831. The 1833 Book of Commandments designates it “A Revelation to the elders of the church assembled on the land of Zion, given August, 1831.” The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants shares the same location and dating.