Revelation, 1 December 1831 [D&C 71]

Hiram Portage county Ohio Dec. 1– 1831
Behold this thus saith the Lord unto you my Servents that the  time has verily come that it is necessary and expedient in me  that you should open your mouths in proclaiming my gospel  the things of the kingdom expounding the misteries thereof out of  the Schriptures according to that portion of spirit and power which  shall be given unto you even as I will verily I say unto you  proclaim unto the world in the regions round about and in the  church also for the space of a season even untill it shall  be made known unto you verily this is a mission for a season  which I give unto you wherefore labour ye in my vinyard call  upon the inhabitants of the earth and bear record and prepare the  way for the revelations commandments and <the> revelations which  are to come Now behold this is wisdom whoso readeth let  him understand and receive also for unto him who receiveth  it shall be given more abundantly even power wherefore  confound your enemies Call upon them to meet you <both in> at publi ck both in publick and in private and inasmuch as ye are  faithfull their shame shall be made manifest wherefore  let them bring forth their strong reasons against the Lord  verily thus saith the Lord unto you there is no weapon  that <is> formed against you shall prosper and if any man lift  his voice against you he shall be confounded in mine  own due time wherefore keep these commandments for  they are true and faithfull even so amen [rest of page 3 blank] [p. [3]]
A Methodist minister of some local prominence before joining the Mormons in Ohio, Ezra Booth left the church in 1831. Ira Eddy, his former ministerial colleague, asked him to write a series of letters explaining his decision to break with JS. The Ohio Star of Ravenna, Ohio, published the letters, later carried by four other Ohio papers. In response, a revelation directed JS and Sidney Rigdon to counter Booth’s negative claims by actively declaring the gospel.
Sidney Rigdon inscribed this document soon after its reception on 1 December 1831 at Hiram, Ohio. John Whitmer made a copy in Revelation Book 1, where it is designated “82 A Revelation to Joseph & Sidney given Hiram Portage County Ohio Decm. 1, 1831.” Frederick G. Williams copied the text into Revelation Book 2 in March 1832. The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants gives the date of December 1831 without reference to the location.