Revelation, 1 June 1833 [D&C 95]

chosen with power from on high, for this is the promise of the  Father unto you. Therefore, I commanded you to tarry even  as mine Apostles at Jerusalem. nevertheless my servants sinned  a verry grievous sin and contentions arose in the school of  the prophets, which was verry grievous unto me saith your  Lord. therefore I sent them forth to be chastened. Verily I say  unto you, it is my will that you should build an house. If ye  keep my commandments ye shall have power to build it. If  ye keep not my commandments the love of the father shall not  continue with you therefore ye shall walk in darkness. now  here is wisdom and the mind of the Lord, Let the house be  built not after the manner of this <the> world. for I give not unto  you that ye shall live after the manner of the world. Therefore  let it be built after the manner which I shall show unto three  of you whom ye shall appoint and ordain unto this power  and the size thereof shall be fifty and five feet in width  and let it be sixty and five feet in length in the inner court  thereof, and let the lower part of the inner court thereof  be dedicated unto me for your sacrament offering and  for your preaching and your fasting and your praying  and the offering up your most holy desires unto me saith  your lord, and let the higher part of the inner court be  dedicated unto me for the school of mine Apostles saith Son  Ah Man, or in otherwords Alphas, or in other words Omegas  even Jesus Christ your lord Amen.—— [p. 60]
A December 1832 revelation sanctioned the building of a “house of the Lord” in Kirtland, Ohio, dedicated to both instruction and worship. In May 1833 a conference of high priests appointed a committee to raise the necessary funds for construction. The committee prepared a circular to seek subscriptions to fund the project.
This revelation underscored the seriousness of that undertaking, stressing the endowment of spiritual power expected to occur at the Lord’s house. The revelation also provided information on the dimensions and spatial functions of the building.
Orson Hyde transcribed this text into Revelation Book 2 in mid-1833, having been chosen as clerk to the presidency of the high priesthood on 6 June 1833. It is identified only by date and location, “Kirtland June 1st 1833.” John Whitmer later recorded a copy in Revelation Book 1 as “Revelation given Kirtland June 1, 1833.” The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants includes this revelation with a date of June 1833 but no location. Other evidence suggests 3 June as a possible date.