Revelation, 1 November 1831–B [D&C 1]

hear may hear prepare ye prepare ye for that which is to come for  the Lord is nigh & the anger of the Lord is kindled & his sword is bathed in  heaven & it shall fall upon the inhabitants of the Earth & the arm of the  Lord shall be revealled & the day cometh that they who will not hear the  voice of the Lord neither his servants neith[er] give heed to the words of the  Prophets & Apostles shall be cut off from among the People for they  have strayed from mine ordinances & have broken mine everlasting Coven ant they seek not the Lord to establish his righteousness but every man  walketh in his own way & after the Image of his own God  whose Image is in the likeness of the world & whose substance is that  of an Idol which waxeth old & shall perish in Babylon even Babylon  the great, which shall fall wherefore I the Lord knowing the calamity  which should come upon the inhabitants of the Earth called upon my  Servents Joseph & spake unto him from heaven & gave him commandment  & also & gave commandments to others that they should proclaim these things  unto the world & all this that it might be fulfilled which was written by  the Prophets the weak things of the world should come forth & break  down the mighty & strong ones that men <man> should not council his fellow  man neither trust in the arm of flesh but that every man might  Speak in the name of God the Lord even the Saveiour of the world  that faith also might increase in the Earth that mine everlasting  Covenant might be established that the fullness of my Gospel might  be proclaimed by the weak & the Simple unto the ends of the world  & before kings & Rulers Behold I am God & have spoken it these are  commandments are of me & were given unto my Servents in their weakness  after the manner of their Language that they might come to understanding  & in as much as they erred it might be made known & in as much as they  sought wisdom it might be made known instructed & in as much  as they sinned they might be chastened that they might repent & in as  much as they were humble they might be made strong & blessed from  on high & receive knowledge from time to time After they having  received the record of the Nephites yea even my Servant Joseph might have  power to translate through the mercy of God by the power of [God] the  Book of Mormon & also those to whom these commandments  were given might have power to lay the foundation of this Church  & to bring it forth out of obscurity & out of darkness the only true  & living Church upon the face of the whole Earth with which I [p. 126]
During the first half of November 1831, JS held a series of conference meetings in Hiram, Ohio, at which the primary business was planning the publication of a compilation of revelations. This revelation, written as an introduction or preface to the collection, affirmed an apocalyptic conclusion to human history and declared God’s restored gospel to be the sole means of deliverance.
John Whitmer copied this text into Revelation Book 1, where it is designated “77 Revelation,” and dated it to 1 November 1831 at Hiram, Ohio. The 1833 Book of Commandments and 1835 Doctrine and Covenants included this revelation as the preface to the published revelations without indicating a date or location.