Revelation, 11 September 1831 [D&C 64]

of my Church hearken ye & hear & receive my will conce rning you for verily I say unto you I will that ye should over come the world wherefore I will have compassion upon you there  are those among you who have sinned but verily I say for this  once for mine own glory & for the salvation of Souls I have  forgiven you your sins I will be mercyfull unto you for I  have given unto you the Kingdom & the keys of the mysteries  of the kingdom shall not be taken from my Servent Joseph while  he liveth in-as-much as he obeyeth mine ordinances there are those  who have sought occation against him without a cause nevertheless  he hath sinned but verily I say unto you I the Lord forgiveth  sins unto those who confess their sins before me & ask forgiveness  who have not sinned unto death my Deciples in days of old  sought occasion against one an other & forgave not one an  other in their hearts & for this evil they were afflicted & sorely  chastened wherefore I say unto you that ye had ought to forgive one  another for he that forgiveth not his brother his tresspasses stand eth condemned before the Lord for there remaineth in him the  greater sin I the Lord will forgive whom I will forgive but  of you it is required to forgive all men & ye had ought to say  in your hearts let God Judge between me & thee & reward thee  according to thy deeds & he that repenteth not of his sins & confess  them not then ye ye shall bring him before the church & do  with him as the Scriptures direct Saith unto you either by comm andment or <by> revelation & this ye shall do that God might be glorif ied not because ye forgive not having not compassion but that  ye may be Justified in the eyes of the law that ye may not  offend him who is your lawgiver verily I say for this cause  ye shall do these things Behold I the Lord was angery with  him who was my Servent Ezra [Booth] & also my Servent Isaac [Morley] for  they kept not the Law neither the commandment they sought  evil in their hearts & I the Lord withheld my spirit they condem ned for evil that thing in which there was no evil nevertheless  I have forgiven my Servent Isaac & also my Servent Edward [Partridge]  Behold he hath sinned & Satan Seeketh to destroy his soul but  when these things are made known unto them they repenteth [p. 109]
This revelation, dated two weeks after JS’s return to Kirtland, Ohio, from Jackson County, Missouri, advanced the cause of gathering to Zion for church members. It also warned members against faultfinding and encouraged the spirit of forgiveness among them.
The revelation clarified that Kirtland would remain a church stronghold for five years and that the gathering to Zion was to be gradual and orderly. Lest church members might misconstrue the revelation’s intent, however, it concluded with a ringing affirmation of Zion’s future glory.
In September 1831, John Whitmer copied this text, addressed simply to the elders, into Revelation Book 1, where it is designated “67 Revelation Kirtland Sept 11th 1831.” Sidney Gilbert and Whitmer both made copies in September 1831. Orson Hyde included it in his revelation notebook, recording it around January 1832. The 1833 Book of Commandments contains a partial text and dates the revelation to September 1831 at Kirtland, Ohio. The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants includes a complete text with the same date and location.