Revelation, 15 March 1833 [D&C 92]

Kirtland 15th March 1833—
Verely thus saith the Lord I give unto the united firm  organized agreeable to the commandment previously  given a revelation & commandment concerning  my servant Frederick [G. Williams] that ye shall r[e]ceive him into  the firm what I say unto one I say unto all. and  again I say unto you my servent Frederick thou shalt  be a lively member in this firm and inas much as thou  art faithful in keeping all former commandments  thou shalt be blessed for ever Amen—— [p. 55]
This brief revelation directed that Frederick G. Williams, JS’s counselor in the presidency of the high priesthood, should be received into the United Firm in full partnership. The United Firm had responsibility for holding church properties in trust, assisting the poor, and operating businesses in Ohio and Missouri. Williams noted the receipt of this revelation in Minute Book 1, 15 March 1833.
Frederick G. Williams recorded this text in Revelation Book 2 probably in March 1833, identifying the date and location as “Kirtland 15th March 1833.” Williams also copied the text into JS’s Letterbook 1, embedded in a copy of a 21 April 1833 letter. He made another copy in 1833, endorsed “March 14. 1833/Revelation.” The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants this revelation, listing the date and location as March 1833 at Kirtland, Ohio.