Revelation, 20 March 1832

By March 1832, JS’s primary concern for more than a year had been the establishment of Zion as an earthly New Jerusalem and divinely appointed gathering place. In conjunction with this focus, two other interests figured prominently—the publication of a Book of Commandments and the completion of his revision of the Bible. This revelation addressed both projects. At the time of JS’s departure for Missouri in April 1832, he and Sidney Rigdon were halfway through the revision of the New Testament.
In a January 1832 letter sent from Missouri, Oliver Cowdery indicated that he and William W. Phelps were almost ready to print the Book of Commandments. Apparently, they lacked only an adequate supply of paper. Traveling along waterways to Missouri in April 1832, JS and his companions stopped in Wheeling, West Virginia, and purchased paper for the Missouri printing press, as authorized by this revelation.
Sidney Rigdon transcribed this text, probably in late March 1832. It may be the original transcription or a contemporaneous copy given to Newel K. Whitney just prior to his departure with JS for Missouri in April 1832. Perhaps in late March 1832, Frederick G. Williams copied the text into Revelation Book 2, where it appears without a formal title but with the location and date of “Hiram Portage County Ohio March 20th. 1832.”