Revelation, 22 December 1841–A

City of Nauvoo. Dec 1841
Elder Amos Fuller, of Zarahemla, stated to Pret  J. Smith that he had settled all his debts, & Provided for his  family for made all necessary provision for his family,  & desires to know the will of God concerning him
Verily thus saith the Lord. unto my serva[n]ts  the 12 let them appoint unto my serva[n]t A. Fuller  a mission to preach my gospel. unto the children  of man. as it shall be manifested unto them by my  Holy Spi[ri]t, Amen.—— [p. [1]]
Revelation, Nauvoo, IL, 22 Dec. 1841; handwriting of Willard Richards; one page; Revelations Collection, CHL.