Revelation, 23 February 1831 [D&C 42:74–93]

and covenants of the Church and it shall  come to pass that if any person among you  shall kill they shall be delivered up and  dealt with according to the Laws of the land for  remember that he hath no forgiveness and  it shall be proven according to the Laws of the  land but if any man shall commit Adultery  he Shall be tried before two Elders of the Church  or more and every word shall be established  against him by two witnesses of the Church  and not of the world but if there are more  than two witnesses it is better but he shall  be condemned by the mouth of two witnesses  and the Elders shall lay the case before the  Church and the Church shall lift up their  hands against them that they may be dealt  dealt with according to <the> Law and if it can  be it is necessary that the Bishop is present  also and thus ye shall do in all cases which  shall come before you3

For earlier disciplinary guidelines, see Articles and Covenants, ca. Apr. 1830 [D&C 20:80].  

and if an man shall  rob he shall be delivered up unto the Law  and if he shall steal he shall be delivered up  unto the Law and if he lie he shall be  delivered up unto the Law if he do any  manner of iniquity he shall be delivered  up unto the Law even that of God and if  thy Brother offend thee, thou shalt take him  between him and thee alone and if he  confess thou shalt be reconciled and if he con fess not thou shalt take another with thee  and then if he confess not thou Shalt deliver  him up unto the Church not to the members  but to the Elders and it shall be done in a  meeting and that not before the world4

See Matthew 18:15–17.  

and  if thy Brother offend many he shall be  chastened before many and if any one  offend openly he shall be rebuked openly that  he may be ashamed5

See 1 Timothy 5:20.  

and if he confess not  he Shall be delivered up unto the law, if  any shall offend in secret he shall be  rebuked in Secret the <that he> may have oportu nity to confess in Secret to him whome he [p. [7]]
Revelation, [Kirtland Township, OH], 23 Feb. 1831. Featured version, titled “February 23d 1831 the rules and regulations of the Law,” copied May 1831; handwriting of Symonds Rider; three pages; Revelations Collection, CHL.
Each of the two leaves, measuring 7½ × 6½–6¾ inches (19 × 17 cm), has a similar jagged cut on the left edge of the recto. Also running along the left edge of each recto are eight small holes, likely used for sewing the booklet together. Based on comparison of the cuts and tears of the pages, these pages, along with copies of Articles and Covenants, circa April 1830 [D&C 20], and Revelation, 9 February 1831 [D&C 42:1–72], were part of a notebook of at least sixteen leaves, likely created by Symonds Rider. It is unknown when these pages were removed from the notebook.
This revelation was copied on the same manuscript as Revelation, 9 February 1831 [D&C 42:1–72]. The copy may have been made 23 May 1831 or anytime in May 1831.1 According to a letter filed with the manuscript, this document, with several other manuscript revelations, was donated to the Church Historian’s Office in the early 1960s by a descendant of Symonds Rider. The rolled-up papers were discovered by the Rider family in 1958, having presumably been held by the family since Rider obtained them circa 1831.2

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