Revelation, 24 February 1834 [D&C 103]

& the earth is given unto the  saints to possess it forever, & ever.  But inasmuch as they keep not  my commandments & hearken  not to observe all my words,  the kingdoms of the world shall  prevail against them; for they  were set to be a light unto  the world, & to be the Saviours  of men: & a inasmuch as they are  not the Saviours of men they are  as salt that has lost its its savor,  & is thenceforth good for noth ing but to be cast out & to be  trodden under the feet of men.  But verily, I say unto you, I  have decreed that your breth ren who have been scattered [p. [9]]
Revelation, Kirtland, OH, 24 Feb. 1834; handwriting of Orson Pratt; in Book of Commandments Book C, pp. [7–18]; Revelations Collection, CHL. Includes endorsement.