Revelation, 25 January 1832–A [D&C 75:1–22]

their journey into the eastern countries and behold and  lo I am with them also even unto the end.
And again I say unto my servent Asa [Dodds] and unto  my servent Calvas [Calves Wilson] that they also shall take their  journey unto the western countries and  proclaim my gospel even as I have commended them  and he who is faithfull shall over come all things  and shall be lifted up at the last day and again  I say unto my servent Major [N. Ashley] and my Servent Burr [Riggs]  take their journey also unto the south countries yea  let all these take their journey as I have commend ed them going from house to house and from village  to village and from City to City and in whatsoever  house ye enter and they receive you leave your blessings  upon that house and in whatsoever house ye enter and  they receive you not ye shall depart speedily from  that house and shake off the dust of your feet as  a testimoney against <them> and you shall be filled with  joy and gladness and know this that in the day of  judgement you shall be judges of that house and  condemn them and it shall be <more> tollarable for  the heathen in the day of judgement than for  that house therefore gird up your loines and be  faithfull and ye shall over come all things and  be lifted up at the last day even so Amen [1/4 page blank]
[p. [2]]
Revelation, Amherst, OH, 25 Jan. 1832; handwriting of Sidney Rigdon; two pages; Newel K. Whitney Papers, BYU. Includes Newel K. Whitney endorsement.