Revelation, 27–28 December 1832 [D&C 88:1–126]

and receive, their inheritance, and be made equal, with him  and then, shall the first Angel, again sound his trump, in the  ears of all living, and reveal60

TEXT: Knife scratches after “reveal” indicate possible erasure, likely of a comma.  

the secret acts, of men, and  the mighty works of God; in the first thousandth year, and  then shall the seccond, Angel, sound his trump, and reveil  the secret acts of men, and the thoughts, and intents of  their hearts, and the mighty works of God, in the seccond  thousandth year; and so on untill the seventh, Angel  shall sound, his trump, and he shall stand forth  upon the land, and upon the sea,61

See Revelation 10:2.  

and sware, in the  name of him, who sitteth upon the throne, that there shall be  time, no longer,62

See Revelation 10:5–6.  

and satan, shall be bound, that old serpant  who is called the devle [devil], and shall [not] be loosed, for the space, of  a thousand years; and then he shall be loosed, for a  little season, that he may gather, together, his armies,63

See Revelation 20:1–3, 7–8.  

 and Michael, the seventh, Angel, even the archangel,64

See Jude 1:9.  

 shall gather, together, his armies, even the hosts of  heaven, and the Devel, shall gather his armies, even  the hosts of hell, and shall come up to battle, against  Michael, and his armies; and then cometh the battle,  of the Great God, and the Devell, and his armies shall  be cast away, into there own place;65

See Revelation 20:10.  

that they shall  not [have] power, over the saints any more at all, for  Michael, shall fight, their battles, and shall ove[r]come  him, who seeketh the throne, of him who sitteth upon  upon the throne, even the Lamb, this is the glory of  God, and the sanctified, and they shall not, any  more see death;66

See Revelation 21:4.  

Therefore verily, I say unto you  my friends, call your solemn assembly, as I have  commanded you, and as all have not faith, seek  ye diligently, and teach one another, words of  wisdom, yea seek ye out of the best books, words  of wisdom, seek Learning even by study, and also,  by faith organize yourselves, prepare evry needful [p. 45]
Revelation, [Kirtland Township, OH], 27–[28] Dec. 1832. Featured version copied [between 22 Jan. and ca. 27 Feb. 1833] in Revelation Book 2, pp. 33–46; handwriting of Frederick G. Williams and JS; CHL. Includes redactions.