Revelation, 27 February 1832

Hyram [Hiram] Portage County Ohio Febry. 27th. 1832
Behold thus saith the Lord unto you my servants  that I have chosen Lincoln [Haskins] to be a servant unto me  wherefore verily I say unto you lit [let] him be ordained  and receive the articles and covenants which I  have givin unto you and some of the comm andments that he may go forth and proclaim  my gospel whithersover I will send him in the  congregrations of the wicked and in asmuch as he  is faithful I will prosper him even so Amen [p. 10]
At the time of this revelation, Lincoln Haskins apparently resided in western New York, about fifteen miles east of the Pennsylvania border. After his conversion, he journeyed to Ohio to meet JS. According to the revelation, Haskins was to be ordained an elder and obtain copies of certain revelations that would help him fulfill his responsibilities as a local church leader. In 1833, Haskins served as a missionary near his home in Erie County, Pennsylvania.
Frederick G. Williams recorded this text in Revelation Book 2 in March 1832; see JSP, MRB:433.