Revelation, 27 February 1832

Hyram [Hiram] Portage County Ohio Febry. 27th. 1832
Behold thus saith the Lord unto you my servants  that I have chosen Lincoln [Haskins] to be a servant unto me  wherefore verily I say unto you lit [let] him be ordained  and receive the articles and covenants which I  have givin unto you and some of the comm andments that he may go forth and proclaim  my gospel whithersover I will send him in the  congregrations of the wicked and in asmuch as he  is faithful I will prosper him even so Amen [p. 10]
Revelation, Hiram, OH, 27 Feb. 1832; handwriting of Frederick G. Williams; in Revelation Book 2, p. 10; Revelations Collection, CHL.